Ah, Summer, What Power you have to make us Suffer and Like it

With the rising temperature discomforts and health issues also rise and in city like Jammu where mercury has touched 40 degree Celsius in starting May only, preventions are must to tackle this scorching heat. Summers are picnic, vibrant, coloured and to enjoy them healthily give an eye to the following :

Dehydration and Heat Strokes are the main culprits which spoil the fun of summers. Due to the high temperature and continuous sweating these are very common. To avoid these, rehydrate yourself after every hour interval with water, lemonade or juice.

Don’t work directly in sun exposures as it may cause worse effects on your health like headaches, nausea, confusion and hallucinations. With really bad heat strokes your kidneys can also shut.

As eyes are the most delicate part of your body they definitely get affected with the hot winds. Eye problems like watery eyes and itching are very common among children and working people in summers.

To combat this, use U.V protected sun glasses (99-100%). Wash your eyes with clean water twice a day and use tear substituted eye drops to prevent dryness of eyes. If suffering from conjunctivitis, red eye or any other eye infection immediately consult doctor.

jammu temperature summers

Skin tanning and skin allergies are also the main problems in summer. Wear lightweight, light-coloured and properly cleaned and dry full sleeved clothes. Avoid dark colours or heavy fabrics as they can trap heat.

Use sunscreen with U.V protection (SPF 15 or above) and skin lotions so that sun burn may not take place. Use umbrellas when outdoors and apply prickly powders, aloe-Vera gel and cooled tea in infected area for soothing effect.

Food poisoning and indigestion can also spoil your festivity and the best way to prevent food borne illness is to refrigerate your eatables. Food stuffs should be cooked properly as summers provide suitable temperature for microbes’ growth.

Try to cut down your outside food sessions and if you suffer from stomach ache hesitate not to call a doctor as it may lead to diarrhea also.  

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