Rahul Gandhi ad-Jammu

After Modi, now Rahul catching the eye balls here in the City of Temples

After BJP went on advertisement spree here in the city of temples to project their Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi now it is the turn of Congress party to launch a media blitzkrieg showcasing Rahul Gandhi as their future leader, eager to take the wind out of the sails of BJP nominee.

Rahul Gandhi ad-Jammu

The mushrooming bill boards and larger than life size hoardings of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi have already started dotting the vantage points across the city. Two prominent hoardings with slogans ‘Rajniti nahin Kajniti’, came up on the busy BC road crossing near Shakuntla theatre, while smaller hoardings with similar and few other slogans aimed at countering aggressive BJP campaign have also come up here in the city near busy Bikram Chowk, along the Satwari Kunjwani road and many other places.

Earlier, BJP had launched a similar drive and started pasting posters and bill boards with face of the BJP’s Prime Ministerial nominee Narendra Modi with his crisp message to rid the country of the congress rule.

The party has already coined catchy slogan ‘One note one vote’ and have also launched the door to door campaign to reach out to the maximum number of voters. The rival parties have also booked air time and started their advertisement campaign on the broadcast TV and radio media.

It remains to be seen whether the mood of the electorate would be tilted towards either party only on the basis of advertisement campaign or the popular votes would be cast on the basis of performance and vision for the future.

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