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25000 cr Roshni Scam: CAG says Revenue Dept submitted photocopies of records with missing pages

Puncturing tall claims of the Omar Abdullah govt over fighting corruption Principal Accountant General (Audit) J&K Dr Subash Chander Pandey saturday told reporters that the revenue department had submitted photo copies of  records with some pages missing from the crucial files related to Roshni Scheme.

Interacting with the media persons after a comprehensive presentation  Dr Subash Pandey said, when the CAG began the process of scrutinizing the implementation of Roshni Act and the Rules between November 2012 and July 2013 to assess whether there was any deficiency in the formulation of the Rules and also irregularities in the implementation of the Act, the revenue department also told him not to question the cabinet decision in its audit report. It’s a cabinet decision the audit should not question it, Dr Pandey was advised by the Revenue department.

Dr Pandey said the Roshni Act was systematically diluted and damaged by making deficient rules with having very weak committees to implement it and giving rebates and giving agricultural land free of cost which was against the Act. He said our conclusion is that the govt acted beyond the authority given by the Act and violated it.

He also admitted the fact the substantial deviations in the Act were made during the term of Ghulam Nabi Azad in office in 2007.  He elaborated in 2007 the amendments which were done were all irregular and were against the Act.

He said when we approached the senior functionaries in the civil secretariat they avoided sharing information with us. He expressed dismay a powerful secretariat should have either quarterly reports, monthly reports or annual reports available with them.

He said in our case the civil secretariat directed the field staff to furnish details to us and till the time of submission of reports the replies were not furnished by either of them.  Sharing his own experience he said when i submitted signed minutes to the govt for their signatures even the same were not returned to us.

He said the department had submitted draft proposal of the report to the govt in July 2013 and then instead of waiting for customary six weeks we waited for a long period of six months in view of the sensitive nature of the subject but till January the govt failed to submit its response and we had little option but to finalise the report without the version of the state govt.

He said if the state govt had cooperated with us and submitted their reply in time the CAG report would have been tabled in the Autumn session of the Assembly in Srinagar.

Responding to media queries Dr Pandey said when we approached the govt to show us the record files of 2001 and 2004 to know the fact how did they made the Act and  framed the rules the Legislative Assembly secretariat informed us that the records have been burnt and it is the Revenue department which came out in the later half of January with some photocopies of the records.

 Dr Pandey said even some of the pages were  missing from the record. Dr Pandey said we did not get a very comfortable feeling that we are facing a govt which is forthcoming with facts and figures.

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